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Welcome to Heart of England Morgans

We hope that you find our website a useful guide to getting quality parts and accessories for your treasured Morgan Sports Car.
If you are new to the Online Shop on the Site, just order which parts you require then go check out, enter your details and you then create an account. Do not try to create an account first.

Heart of England Morgans

We specialise in selected Specialist Parts for the traditional 4 wheeled Morgan Motor Car and other Classic & Vintage Vehicles.
Wherever possible we attempt to offer you far Superior Quality Parts either in terms of Materials, Finish, Value For Money or a combination of these benefits.

BEWARE PIRATES !.. A couple of other suppliers including the Morgan Motor Co (who have bought items from us just to copy !! USUALLY BADLY ) have followed our lead by offering Stainless Steel Replacement Components. Before purchasing check the quality and finish : we pioneered this market and our knowledge of the finish and quality of manufacture required by todays Owners remains unsurpassed. BUY THE ORIGINAL .

Specialist Parts & Accessories
Worldwide Mail Order, Retail or to the Trade
Stainless Steel Fasteners for all Vintage & Classic Cars
Hand Made Quality Stainless Steel Components for Traditional Morgan Sports Cars.
WE ARE A "MAIL ORDER /ONLINE and TRADE" Business..NOT a SHOP, we do not keep regular business hours and our premises are a storage and despatch facility. You can contact us by email or telephone at most times but we are not available to casual callers.

DISCONTINUED/USED/DAMAGED AND EVEN PERFECT ITEMS AT VERY LOW PRICES in the SALE SECTION...we will be adding more as we need to clear a lot of items !