A few words about us....

Heart of England Morgans is Run by enthusiasts for enthusiasts !

Our constant aim is to provide a Top Class Service to the Morgan owner on a world wide basis. The personal involvement and experience of the Principles in this company in all aspects of mo\ rgan ownership is unsurpassed by Any other Morgan Specialist organisation!

Our Collective experience embraces the running and ownership of All Morgan models from 3 wheelers to the 1990s Plus 8s and our involvement has spanned the whole spectrum from Sprints, Hill c\ limbs, Circuit Racing, Rallies, World Class concours events (with an unrivalled track record of success and also Long Distance Trans European travel in Morgan Cars

John Worrall is also the author of "Original Morgan"....one of the most fully detailed wo\ rks on the 4 Wheeled Morgan Cars.
Our aim being that we dispatch all goods As soon as possible, if there is likely to be a delay you will be informed.

Many of the items sold by ourselves are of our own Manufacture. Most Stainless Steel Components sold for Mo\ rgan cars are in fact manufactured by a small Engineering company under the control of John Worral. Our aim here is to provide components of a Much Higher Quality than the Original, while maintaining an authentic and original appearance. It is generally accepted that Stainless Ste\ el is far superior to Chromium Plate: when Stainless Steel is Polished it takes on a similar appearance to Chrome but Will Not Rust as Chrome inevitably does and should it become badly scratched with use it can easily be repolished back to its original condition!

Th\ e idea of producing Kits of Stainless Steel fasteners, bolts, nuts, screws & washers to assist Morgan Owners with their rebuilds was pioneered by John Worrall in the early 1980s as a result of difficulties he encountered both with the removal of old rusty fixings and the numer\ ous thread types when rebuilding his own cars! It is now accepted throughout the Classic Car and Motorcycle world that the Only way to rebuild a vehicle or machine properly is to use Stainless Steel Fasteners upon reassembly; this way hundreds of potential rust spots are eliminate\ d forever and future dismantling of components becomes a delight instead of a nightmare.
It was the above idea that led to the founding of this Business !!