About us

Heart of England Morgans is run by enthusiasts for enthusiasts!

The company was started by John Worrall in the 1980's to supply home restorers of vintage and classic cars with high quality stainless steel fasteners in small quantities to assist with the reassembly of their vehicles.

The business was the result of John Worrall's own experience in the restoration to top concours standards of his own cars and the progressive search for high quality materials with which to work.

Having experienced the frustration of the rusty nuts and bolts when dismantling older cars it was a logical step to look for a material which would prove a joy to work with in the future instead of a horror!

This led to the formation of Heart Of England Morgans in 1986 to offer Morgan Owners specialist accessories .

Stainless steel (used for many years in the marine and aircraft industries) was the obvious way forward as not only is it cosmetically superior to mild steel, plated or chromed items but its use eliminates thousands of potential rust spots and makes maintenance in the future so much easier.

Our fasteners and Products

The fasteners which we offer are all produced from a minimum 18/8 grade (304) stainless steel which is ideal for automotive use and many are in 316 (18/10/3) Marine quality grade .

We carry an extremely large range of fasteners in many different thread types and sizes, so if you do not see it listed, we may still be able to help if you contact us with your requirements.

In addition to our stainless steel fastener range we can offer other classic car related products such as brake pipes and unions and specialist Accessories for Traditional Morgan Sports Cars.


As a guide to measuring nuts and bolts please note that lengths are always measured from under the head except on countersunk screws where it should be measured from the outer edge of the head. The diameters referred to are the diameter of the shank (not the head!). Nuts are referred to by the diameter/thread type of the bolt onto which they are to fit.

We have provided a simple thread chart for your assistance.