King Pins. Hard Chrome & Top Bolts

King Pins. Hard Chrome & Top Bolts

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Specially produced Hard chromed King pins for extra life. Can be used with Bronze or the Nylon type Bushes which are fitted to some cars. No need for oiling using the "Lube" valve - just grease the stub axle nipple on routine servicing. We have made Oilways for those Owners who still wish to use this system.

Made from high quality hard chromed steel bar stock of the correct 1" diameter (No need to for special non-standard bushes!).

Price is for a PAIR (2) Pins including Stainless Steel Nyloc nuts.

These take pre 2005 type threaded LUBE BOLTS (1/2 BSF THREAD) which if you do not already have then YOU ARE STRONGLY ADVISED TO PURCHASE SUS 240.

A Heart of England Original! Produced since 1990. Beware pirates!

* This item is a heavy/large item and shipping costs will be calculated at time of dispatch.

#SUS 240