Stainless steel aeroquip fittings

Stainless steel aeroquip fittings

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Brake pipes, fittings & unions (all pipe prices are per metre).

The Stainless Braided Flexi Brake Hose is an excellent quality, teflon-lined, stainless steel braided replacement for standard flexi brake hoses, gives superior stopping power.

The Stainless Braided Fuel Hose is an Auto Flex synthetic rubber-lined Stainless braided hose with HTE bonded inner liner - i/d is 8mm, o/d 11mm. Can be used with "ECON-O-FIT" end fittings.

The ECON-O-FIT fittings are Anodised (red) Alloy Hose Clamps for Stainless Braided Fuel Hose. Fasten with inbuilt worm drive. To fit the 8mm diameter pipe. Price is each.